The Capital
New York

The Down and Dirty Business of Wholesale Corruption
JANUARY 7, 1998

Bernadette Castro: The First to Conquer Living Space. But... UFO's?

Charles Gargano Seeks More Power (2/6/96)

Workers Campaign Against Pataki Budget (2/6/96)

NY GOP Declaring War on Betsy McCaughey (2/5/96)

Pataki Appointee Using State Office for Private Business (2/1/96)

Vacco Refuses to Investigate Pataki Inaugural (1/26/96)

Send a Valentine to George on February 14; Better Yet, Visit Him at NYC's Waldorf Astoria!(1/30/96)

The Dysfunctional Family of New York: Pataki Cuts in Mental Health Vastly Underestimated - George gives new meaning to the term, "Women and Inner-Children First" (EONY Couldn't help it) (1/30/96)

Pataki's Budgetary Blunder: Counting on Newt 1/31/96

Pataki to Slash Aid to Disabled (1/31/96)

McCaughey Ross Redux (01/30/96)

GOP Purge of McCaughey Ross Begins (01/29/96)

Pataki's Message to the 5th Annual NYS Conference on AIDS/HIV (01/30/96)

Time to Repeal Pataki's Income Tax Cuts (1/25/96)

Pataki Aims to Unplug Public Radio (01/21/96)

General Electric Profits Soar (01/19/96)

The Final Saga of Zagata? - Part II - Zagata Follows The Pataki Playbook In Defying Subpoena (01/18/96)

The Final Saga of Zagata? - Part I - Zagata Attempts to Defend His Trips (01/17/96)

Pataki Encounters Problems over Job Moves (01/19/96)

Pataki, Powers and Sweeney Back Down on Voter Registration (01/20/96)

More Pataki Patronage (01/20/96)

Zagata Admits Misuse of State Vehicles (Don't Embarrass George) (01/17/95)

Majority of New Yorker's Say Pataki Has Cut Enough Jobs (01/17/95)

EONY Editorial: the State of the State: Keep the Creamed Corn Separate (01/14/96)

Pataki Assault on Regulations (Environment, Health, Medical) (01/12/96)

Pataki Pork in Budget Barrel (01/12/96)

Zagata Sinking in Polluted Waters - (01/12/96)

Demonstration Against Pataki's Budget Cuts - New York City - Martin Luther King Day (01/12/96)

'Twas the Night Before Christmas - (12/24/95)

SUNY Cuts to Pay for Guardsmen Waiver of Tuition (12/23/95)

How the GovGrinch Stole Christmas (12/23/95)

Christmas Carol Hit Parade, 1995 (12/23/95)

Child Abuse: No Cost Benefit Analysis for Pataki's Social Darwinism (12/22/95, 12/19/95)

And A Partridge in A Pear Tree (12/21/95)

Education Commissioner Criticizes Pataki Cuts (12/21/95)

Pataki Wants Violent Prisoners to Be Together (12/21/95)

Pataki's Attack Plan on the Mentally Ill (12/21/95)

Republicans Seek to Limit Voter Registration (12/20/95)

A New Spin on Political Chairs (12/20/95)

Fight Between Pragmatism and Ideology Continues Within Pataki Administration (12/18/95)

GOP Poll Shows Problems for Dole (D'Amato and Pataki) (12/18/95)

Cut Aid to the Poor to Build New Electric Prison Fences? (12/17/95)

New Group Forms to Fight Pataki Budget (12/17/95)

Pataki Budget Will Lead to Closure of Hospitals (12/17/95)

Pataki Seeks to Cut Aid to Some School Districts (12/17/95)

NYS AFL-CIO President to Address Pataki Budget on Jan. 18, 1996

Pataki Announces Billions in Cuts to Medicaid, Welfare; $12 Million in Cuts to the AIDS Institute (12/15/95)

Home(less) for the Holidays: Pataki Homeless Plan's Human Costs (12/14/95)

Pataki's Three Card Monte on Taxes (12/14/95)

Unions Begin Fight Against Pataki Budget (12/14/95)

The Tale of the Bronze Rat (12/13/95)

Jobs for Sale in the Pataki Administration (12/13/95)

Zeniaphopia:Pataki's New Media Strategy to Avoid Protests? (12/13/95)

Republicans Fear Voters Wrath in 1996 (12/11/95)

Pataki: No Revenue, No Services: Reaganonomics Redux (12/10/95)

Pataki Guts Corruption Fighting Agency (12/08/95)

NY Catholic Bishops to Take Position on Infant HIV-Testing (12/07/95)

Read My Lips: No More Taxes for the Rich

Pataki Radicals Seek to Deregulate Hospitals (12/06/95)

ZeniaMuchaMad: DOH Spokesperson Resigns

Here We Go Again: More Pataki Patronage

State to Cut Payments for Drugs in AIDS Program for Poor -- 12/03/95

Down-sizing Family Incomes Through Privatization -- 12/03/95

Impact of Cuts on Aid to the Poor - 12/03/95

Pataki's Dickens-like Christmas Gift to the Poor -- 12/03/95

Economic Assistance Grants in Jeopardy -- 12/03/95

CharlesGargano o: the Patronage King -- 12/03/95

Pataki Administration Fails to Publicly Announce Faulty Condoms -- 12/03/95

Advertisement Against Teenage Pregnancy Suppressed by Pataki -- 12/03/95

Dr. Nilsa Gutierrez Resigns: New York State AIDS Institute Director Cites "Irreconcilable Differences" --11/28/95

Is the Brooklyn Bridge for Sale?

Where Will the Homeless Go? -- 11/21/95

Betsey Mccaughey to Run for Congress? -- 11/21/95

Pataki's Political Family of New York Continues to Grow -- 11/19/95

Air Pataki Flies Cult Leader to Texas

Betsy "Ross'"New Political Flag? -- 11/20/95

Pataki $6Million Crime Plan Fails -- 11/15/95

Has the Pataki Revolving Door Begun?

Pataki and Vacco Patronage Continues

Pataki to DMV: Don't Get Caught

Buy George A Calculator . Pataki Claims Credit for State of Manufacturing.

Undemocratic Politics . GOP Tries to keep Dems off the Ballot.

Pataki's High Unpopularity Reflected in Yet Another Poll

Pataki's Unpopularity

Pataki: From His Own Mouth... Trust Me...Your Jobs Are Safe...

Patronage Employees Now Safer On the Job -- 10/21/95

It's Election Time Again... Pataki: "You Have Nothing to Worry About."

This Is Not the Soviet Union?

Pataki Fires Agency Head Over Deet

Comptroller McCall Predicts $6.6 Billion Deficit

New York State Students Struggling

Comptroller Says Pataki Won't See Him

Bloodletting at the AIDS Institute

Pataki's Lilco Aboutface

Pataki's Hatchet Man -- James G. Natoli

Pataki's Aboutface to State Workers

Student Aid Department Slashed by Pataki

Paranoid George: (Did Someone Mention Pool?)

Ouster of Dr.Lloyd Novick

Pataki Closes Governor's Office of Gay and Lesbian Concerns

EYE ON NEW YORK - JOE BRUNO - Bruno's Buddy David Grandeau



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